Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where have I been????

Wow, I've been away for awhile....Holidays, my health and just plain ol' busy. So lets catch up a bit.
My Secret Pal, spoiled me rotten this swap. She last sent me the warmest Rosewood Dbl. needles I've ever held in my hand. Thank you to her for soooo many things. I give her ALL the credit for my new found obsession of knitting SOCKS!!! Thank you to her once again.
Now onto something new, I have joined a Second Sock Swap, what fun!!! You knit up one sock and send the sock, yarn and some other "goodies" on to another knitter....she/he will finish the pair......this might be right up my alley. I am posting the answeres to my questions as follows;

1. What are my favorite sock yarns? hand painted, wool, or natural fibers...i don't mind the hand washing. love love love Socks that Rock yarn.
2. Least favs are --anything like acylic, ribbon or novelty yarns or very very thin lace wgt.
3. Methods of knitting? I use dbls and 2 circulars/ I am just learning the 2 at a time sock knitting on circs.
4. Method you cannot use? I have not learned Magic Loop
5. Favorite Colors? handpainted in warm colors, rusts,greens, blues reds yellows...purples are great...I just don't care for lgt pastelly colors....pinks,
6. I would consider myself a interm. sock knitter or maybe i'm getting ahead of myself....an advanced beginner???? I haven't done any really complicated lacey patterns yet.
7. Any other info??? I like my socks a bit longer on the leg than an ankle sock but lower than a knee-high. The softer the yarn the better. I wear alot of clogs so I like to "show off" socks.
8. My foot measurements are; ball of foot; 8.25
foot length; 9.5
instep; 8.75
mid-calf; 10.75
I'm a size 7 1/2 to 8 womens shoe, I have thin feet, heck I only wgt 100lbs. and no---that is NOT on purpose!! tee hee.

Okay, that should answere the questions for whom-ever will be knitting my 1st sock...

Now back to other things. I had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. I did finish all the knitted gifts I was trying to make so that was a great surprise to me. I now have a ton of things lined up for me. I still try to keep a few things going at once, but I really have fallen for socks.

I'm recovering nice from the last "procedure" done at the hospital....I'm getting around well enough to go meet "the girls" for our stitching and some bitching at the bookstore tonite! yea!

My New Years wishes are to learn how to use this computer better/get healthier/love my husband and family and to just try to be a better person this year.......these are not in any order, and I won't even bother with "knitting bigger & better" as its a given.
My New Years wish for the rest of you.......love & laughter.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I've made it to a 2nd sock!!!!

As of last nite I have turned the heel on a 2nd sock!!!! Yes, me---the owner of 4 single socks in different patterns and sizes, me---the one who kept trying to learn new ways to knit socks, thinking this would get me to CO that matching sock for a full pair!! (it didn't)
I was given the most awesome yarn from my Secret Pal, it just kept calling out to be made into a PAIR of socks. It was Redwood Forest from Knit Picks and it did the trick! I should have a completed PAIR BY TONITE!!! THANK YOU SECRET PAL, you have just solved a problem I have been working on for the longest time.
I have also been knitting a ton of Christmas presents, finished my "Triangle Cardigan" by Debbie Bliss and it turned out fantastic. I went to New York for a long weekend and was stopped in the gift shop on Ellis Island by a woman who Loved the cardigan, we talked "knitting" for about 20 min. (husband waited outside, what a peach!) Thankyou stranger who loved my sweater!!! made me feel wonderful.
Now, I know....you all want to see pictures of all the stuff I've been talking about....you will. Soon, soon as I figure out how to get them on here. I do not have a digital camara, so I have photo's I'll be coping and printing on here---that is when I get THAT figured out. I must be the worst computer user to come along, I don't spend near the time I should, but then again.....it takes away from knitting.
Well, now you are caught up on my "knitting life" The decision I must make now, Who will get this beautiful PAIR of handknitted socks for Christmas????? I don't know if anyone in my life has been THAT GOOD, for these hard fought pair of socks. I might just have to "gift" them to myself!!! I can't wait to start another pair.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Busy, Busy Busy

Wow, I feel my head spinning. It has been a very busy couple weeks and to tell the truth, I don't know why. I normally have such a slow and quiet existence that it has me all befuddled. I am happy to say it has been slowing of late and I am back on this here blog.
My Secret Pal has done it again. She issued me a challenge by sending me some varigated Red wool, along with that some matching fur. She knows I love to knit with natural fibers, but what she maynot know, (now she will) An Obsessed Knitter will knit with anything!!!! So I have narrowed it down to 3 things. Felted Clogs with a fun fur edge. A felted bag with the fun fur around the flap. and felted mittens with a furry top edge. It'll be one of those 3 and I'll be starting soon as I am NOW SEWING UP THE SEAMS IN MY DEBBIE BLISS "TRIANGLE CARDIGAN" yea!!!! The whole thing is done in Seed or Moss Stitch and so far I just love it!!! This is my first sweater, why I didn't pick one of those that are knit totally in the round or something is beyond me, no I pick one with lots of pcs. I should have it put together by this afternoon tho.......
Now back to my SP.....I love to be spoiled, and she is doing one heck of a job at it. I'm keeping you all on your toes, you'll have to keep coming back here just to see if I've learned how to post pics and then actually see all the COOL stuff that has been coming my way. Soon tho, real soon.
My wonderful husband has surprised me once again, tomorrow we will be headed up/over to New York for a few days of relaxation, lighthouse hopping and just visiting the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. Its a trip for our anniversary which was Nov. 7. (and all I got him was an I-pod)tee hee. I am looking so forward to getting away. Seems I worry less about everything when I'm away from home. Once again, he has taken care of everything. My only dilema is to figure out what to bring along to knit.......

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My SP strikes again!! YEA!

I must have done something right during this past year as I have been rewarded with a Secret Pal from knitters heaven! Yep, today I once again got a surprise in the mail (insert dancing knitter here) I opened up a pack with 2 skeins of "Memories" 100 % merino wool from Knit Picks. The color is "Redwood Forest" this is a color I have on my wish list here on the wall in my computer room. No way she could have seen that. It is gorgeous! My SP has inspired me to return to Socks. Looking thru the "Twisted Sister" book I have decided to try again, using Sp's wisdom, I will be knitting both at the same time. I have already used the book she sent me yesterday. There is a great pattern in it for whats called a "Treasure Bag" a treasure bag is just a big cuff with a toe on it. (p. 85 in Twisted Sister Sock Workbook. This gives me something to do with the "Single Socks" I had set aside. The ones where I started knitting socks on a size 4 dbl. points. (don't laugh at me, my "knitting teacher" told me the size) needless to say, I never made a partner for Godzilla Sock. I have then produced single socks using sizes 3,2, and 1's. some on dbl's and some on circulars. I'm a glutton. Anyway--I've decided I'm a 0 & 1 needle size for socks. Heck I'm just a little thing anyway, not much to me at all and if you have a good imagination, you can guess how a simple sock knit on size 4 dbl's with DK wgt yarn, don't forget teacher had me knit double for the heel & toe......yes, everyone who has seen the sock has laughed. I had the last laugh tho, I made a Treasure Bag out of it and the little girl down the street has it on her arm as we speak. It turned out to be perfect "Bag" size for an 8 yr. old!!!!! Back to my SP. great planning on her part has me trying to decide HOW I want to knit this simple sock. In the workbook the genius who wrote it gives you so many different options on toes, legs, heels etc. You can really make beautiful socks. My dilemma, should I try the one inside the other? or 2 on one cable? or should I set up 2 sets of dbl points.???? I was going to take a longer time on deciding all this, but now I must knit this wool, its calling my name. Perfect colors for fall and for me. Have I told you all how great MY Secret Pal is????? You keep right on going SP, by the time this thing wraps up I PROMISE to learn how to post pictures and all that. I want you to be able to SEE what joy you are bringing into my housebound life. (smiling really big here) I know words can only "say" so much. My mission is to post pictures for you by the time our little match is up. For now, just use imagination and you'll almost be able to see how fantastic your gifts have been to me. I'm looking forward to the postman's ring, so far you've been right on the button!!! speaking of buttons' I'll need to learn that one too.----So until next time, I'm off figuring out which way to knit my "new" pair of socks........

Friday, October 27, 2006

new shoes make me run faster!

I swear, these new Options needles are making me knit faster! I love them. I just jumped back on the Knit Pick site and ordered some of the smaller sizes for knitting "2 socks at once" this is going to finally get me over my 2nd sock syndrom. Or so I have convinced myself. I remember when I was a kid, thinking if I could just get those new tennis shoes I know I will run faster........I like to think it worked.......
Getting ready for a slow weekend. I'm looking forward to it. No expectations or plans. No one needs me to be anywhere. I'm planning on just hanging out under a quilt knitting and drinking flavored tea's & coffees'. My treat to myself. I think I might even spend time in the Painting Studio. That is "still" under construction and not set up since the walls have been painted. Since my new "obsession" with knitting I have neglected my old love of painting. I haven't finished the little owl table I had done for Steve. Just need to put one more glazing effect on the top and get the little fold-up legs done. At this point everything is piled to the middle of the room with plastic over covering it. I do need to get in that room tho. My yarn stash is starting to stick out from under the bed in our room. Steve is starting to give me that "funny" look again......the one I get when my obsessions start to run away with me.......I think it was the new "sock yarn" I had picked up. (he knows I've 4 single socks laying around with no match) tee hee. I just tell him I was "knitting for size" now that I know I need a 0 needle and also can use 1's for this other yarn, well its different now....plus I have directions for 2 socks at once.......plus this is self stripe, and its A NEW SKEIN OF YARN LEAVE ME ALONE..... back to earth now, I must make sure when I put the bag under the bed that nothing can roll out of it...........
On to other things, oops there are no other things at this moment. I'm going to feed my obsessions over the weekend and I hope you do the same.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Worry Free SP

Well, for weeks now I've been worrying about my Secret Pal, will they understand me? will they send cool things? will they contact me often? blah blah blah. You get the picture. Let me tell you, My Secret Pal is AWESOME!!!!! Not only has she contacted me several time, she gets the answeres that I wrote. She really READ and THOUGHT about them. She has solved my 2nd Sock Syndrom right off the bat, giving me some great advice that I can't wait to try. It really will be knitting 2 socks at the same time!!! She asks all the right questions so far and has got me excited to see what is next. Yesturday I came home not in the best of moods and on my door step was my first package from her. I couldn't wait to get in the house, but I wanted the excitement to grow, so I put the package down next to my Knitting Chair. I then brewed myself a cup of joe (love those brew pods) kissed the dogs and let them out (I wanted quiet) and THEN I sat down and ripped open the package as fast as I could. JACKPOT, inside was "the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook" LOVE IT!!!! in this perfect choice she included--dying, spinning and socks---different ways to work socks etc. At this point I tell everyone reading this.....check out this book if you like this sort of thing.....now back to ME & my SP..."THANK YOU!!!" I can't wait to try some of this stuff, looks like every pattern in here will come in handy. Oh yea, I also wanted to tell you "I'm collecting extra needles in 0's 1's, 2's & 3's" (for the really fat stuff) dbls as well. " you should understand this, love the advice!!
Okay, so now you all know I was paired with a very good Secret Pal. I can only hope I can hit it right with MY Match. the one I'm Secret Pal too. I've sent off her 1st package and can't wait to hear her reaction. Her next is ready to go, (told you i was excited about all this) but I thought I'd get a few days inbetween. Didn't want 2 to show up before 1!!!!
Now I wonder why I was ever worried in the first place...........

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my husband, friend & caregiver does it again!!!

Once again my husband Steve has surprised me with a "Birthday Trip" each & every year since we've been dating, he has told me--"pack warm" or "pack cold" and wisked me off on a romantic long weekend for my birthday. Each year I never know where or when we will go. Last Wed. he told me "pack for cold" and the next morning we were off in the car to Niagara Falls by way of Lake Erie. We spent 5 wonderful days "Lighthouse Hopping" along the Great Lakes and ended up in an the old restored "Niagara Hotel" it was wonderful. We spent a major part of the time on the US side strolling thru the Goat Island park, along the river and falls. We could watch the light show & fireworks from the hotel window. Loved every minute of it. We walked across the Peace Bridge to the Canadian side and toured that side of the falls. I did (as always) stop at the Hard Rock Cafe's and pick up pins for my collection. I always get the limited edition ones wherever we travel. I cannot say enough of the man I married. He not only is my husband, he is my caregiver and my best friend. With an illness you tend to depend very heavy on your partner and I am no exception. He willingly pushed me along in that wheelchair over some rough paths in the park, and some of those hills!!! Let me tell you, poor guy. He said not one complaint nor did he shy away from one senic overlook because the path was a bit rough. I'm not in the chair all the time so he does get a break. Just when there will be alot of walking or we'll be gone along time as I tire easy these days. Steve just takes up the slack in everything. At home he does most all the work. Even the shopping, which as a typical man he didn't look forward too. When things get to hard for me, he just steps in and takes over and never looks back. Some would say I am unlucky for I have a chronic disease, well, let me tell you I don't see it that way. I am the luckiest woman in the world for I am married to my friend. I could go on and on with what this man does for me, with me and what he means to me. I will just leave you with the thought----with him, I have never felt disabled, never felt anything but loved. With him, I am never lost. With him, I am never alone and with him I will always be. Thank you God for putting such a man in my life. I do believe he was destined to be here.